drink. fight. fuck. live the life.

drink. fight. fuck. live the life
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if you're skilled at HTML please say so. I'd like to make this thing look kind of nifty.

ok.... well... this here is a community. I made it one night amidst sleep deprivation and a tad to much alcohol. please join. anyways this community is mostly a punk community, any kind of punk or counter culture or even subculture movements are welcome. now the rule: don't be a jack ass.

when you join please fill this out.
1: name:
2: age:
3: sex:
4: favorite punk/ sub/counterculture band:
5: favorite punk/ sub/counterculture song:
6: random thoughts:
7: something interesting about you:
8: favorite punker/punkette:
9: best show you've ever gone to:
10: anything else: